The world's most directional audio technology.

Now featuring built-in amplifier, on-board playback, IR remote control, and advanced audio processing capabilities.

Any sound that misses your intended audience is noise. Only the Audio Spotlight system can keep sound focused specifically to your listeners, providing sound where you want it, and quiet everywhere else.

The revolutionary Audio Spotlight technology creates a tight, narrow beam of sound that can be controlled with the same precision as light. Aim the flat, thin speaker to your desired listening area and provide all of the sound – with none of the noise.

Since 2000, Audio Spotlight systems have been installed in thousands of locations around the world. From museums, exhibits, galleries and retail stores to digital signage and special projects, the world's top companies have chosen the unique, patented Audio Spotlight technology to provide high-quality, precisely targeted sound.

We are now proud to offer a fully integrated, all-in-one speaker package featuring built-in amplifier/processor, on-board playback via microSD, LCD display with metering, IR remote control, and a variety of mounting options. For a more complete list of features and detailed specifications, please visit our Products page.

No loudspeaker can ever approach the directivity of Audio Spotlight technology.

The Audio Spotlight uses a beam of ultrasound as a "virtual acoustic source", enabling unprecedented control of sound distribution. The graph to the right shows the real sound field of the Audio Spotlight versus the theoretical maximum directivity of any loudspeaker, panel, dome, or "shower" of the same size. As shown by this comparison, no loudspeaker in the world can approach the level of control provided by Audio Spotlight technology.


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Targeted Message from the Audio Spotlight helps boost sales 130%

video courtesy of Ogilvy New Zealand.

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