The Audio Spotlight PrivateSound™ directional audio technology creates a tight, narrow beam of sound that can be controlled with the same precision as light. Aim the focused sound speaker at your desired listening area to keep sound focused specifically to your listeners and quiet everywhere else.

The more technology develops, the more personalized our lives become, and the less personal our interactions. It used to be that the living room was a place where families would congregate around the television and spend time watching local broadcasts together.

Now there are literally hundreds of channels and viewing options to choose from. With so much selection, it's much easier to pick what you want, but your preference may not be what your partner, or your child, or parent wants. Maybe they don't even want to watch, or hear, anything at all.

Audio Spotlight speakers are used to provide focused sound for those who wish to hear it, while maintaining quiet elsewhere. Producing a narrow beam of sound, wide enough to cover only a single person or two, the Audio Spotlight directional audio speaker allows every seat in the living room to be a different experience, and the home to be a more peaceful, and shared space.

Whether for taking the mute off split screen television so a couple can curl up on the couch together to watch two different shows, or for limiting those action movie explosions to the arm chair and not the kitchen island, Audio Spotlight speakers afford everyone their own personal taste without having to retreat to separate rooms in the house.

Audio Spotlight speakers can also be used to enjoy TV or music in bed, without impeding on a spouse's ability to slumber soundly right next to you, or for increasing the listening level for the hard of hearing at a particular seat, without drowning everyone else out in the rest of the room.


  • Limiting sound bleed in open concept layouts

  • Assisted directional sound listening for the hard of hearing

  • Bedtime TV viewing without disturbing partner

  • Private wake up alarms

  • Split screen TV with private directional audio for each viewer

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