"...Audio Spotlights maybe the most radical technological development in acoustics since the coil loudspeaker was invented in 1925...

The Audio Spotlight will force people to rethink their relationship with sound, as the arrivals of the phonograph, the telephone and the Walkman have done before."

- Jennifer Lee



January 18, 2018
Audio Spotlight Technology Amplifies the Experience for Visitors at Design Miami's Airbnb / A Wild Thing Exhibit

December 13, 2017
Holosonics' Audio Spotlight is the Preferred Choice of the SCN's Top 50 Systems Integrators

November 28, 2017
Audio Spotlight® Technology Serves Up the Sound to Promote New Hit Movie "Battle of the Sexes"

October 20, 2017
Audio Spotlight Directional Sounds Receives Extensive Response at AdWeek's TechX Event

July 12, 2017
LIFT by EnCore beams sound with Audio Spotlight at Aircraft Interiors Expo

April 12, 2017
Audio Spotlight Technology Tours the Globe With  "Jurassic World: The Exhibition"

Mar 27, 2017
Just Announced Latest Patents to Cover Performance Improvements

Feb 13, 2017
Joe Pompei Presents in Japan at MIT's 2017 Industrial Liaison Conference

Dec 07, 2016
Audio Spotlight brings the unique works of photographer Richard Ehrlich to life at the Morrison Hotel Gallery

Nov 17, 2016
Audio Spotlight in Interactive World War II Exhibit in the UK

Oct 12, 2016
Holosonics' Audio Spotlight directional speakers installed in Virginia Tech's "Cube"

Sep 07, 2016
Audio Spotlight Delivers Private Sound Beams for Bank Kiosks in UAE

Aug 01, 2016
Audio Spotlight Beams the Sounds of Star Wars to the Streets of Hong Kong

Apr 20, 2016
Airport Poetry and Cathedral Art: Audio Spotlight in Innovative UK Art Initiatives

Mar 23, 2016
Audio Spotlight Directional Speakers in NYC Chanel No.5 Pop-up Exhibit

Feb 23, 2016
Audio Spotlight directional speakers used to promote “Beatles in Mono" vinyl release

Jan 04, 2016
Holosonics Brings Directional Sound to Consumers With Audio Spotlight at the 2016 CES