quick start guide

The Audio Spotlight product line is as easy to use as any loudspeaker system - and easier than many.  The system is fully integrated, so no additional hardware is needed.

1.  Plug included power supply into system, and into wall source (worldwide power compatible).

2.  Attach audio source

Standard line-level audio: Use 1/8" jack or RCA, depending on model

microSD: Insert microSD card into slot (ogg and wav compatible)

Built-in demo: No connection necessary


3.  Press power switch to power-on system, wait for startup message to finish.

4.  Start audio track (external audio)

For demo track: press "play" icon button on IR remote

If present, microSD content will play automatically

5.  Adjust volume with up/down buttons, or IR remote

"*" indicates clipping

6.  Adjust EQ and other settings if desired (see manual)


Phoenix-connector input option (select models):

Connect +24V and GND to labeled terminals

Connect balanced audio input to other labeled terminals