custom fabric printing

Custom-printed fabric is available for all Audio Spotlight systems. In addition to our standard black and white finishes, any color, pattern, logo, design, or photograph can appear in high detail on the front surface of the Audio Spotlight speaker panels.

The speaker panels can be designed to blend in with virtually any background or environment, or to prominently feature a company logo or complimentary palette for enhancing your own brand. Our new custom fabric option allows for an unprecedented level of creativity, while making integration options even more seamless.

We accept all standard, high resolution graphic formats, and provide fast turnaround times.






Submitting artwork:

  • Formats accepted: We accept most standard graphic formats, including PDF, JPG, GIF, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. All artwork should be 300 DPI or higher resolution to ensure proper print quality.

  • Sizes: We recommend minimum images sizes of 17" x 9" for the AS-168i, 17" x 17" for the AS-16i, and 25" x 25" for the AS-24i to allow for bleed, and proper orientation on the speaker. Please note any special considerations, including centering of logos, etc. We do not recommend printing borders, as these are difficult to align properly on the speaker.

  • Submission: Please send all files, along with design notes and requirements to For files greater than 10MB, please use a file sending service, such as WeTransfer.

  • Color matching: If you would like the color matched, please send a physical print for reference to: 

    Attn: Print Shop
    400 Pleasant St
    Watertown, MA 02472