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Audio Spotlight directional sound technology creates a tight, narrow beam of audio that can be controlled with the same precision as light. By aiming an Audio Spotlight speaker at a desired listening area, sound is focused specifically one on listener while silence is maintained in the immediate area that surrounds the beam of sound.

This technology makes Audio Spotlight directional audio speakers an ideal fit for Command and Control Centers through the implementation of a communication system that frees control room personnel from having to use earpieces or headphones to receive audio commands.

Audio Spotlight technology is used to simultaneously direct multiple beams of sound to specific control room personnel without any audio being detected by anyone other than its intended recipient. In addition to creating a more pleasant and efficient work environment, Audio Spotlight increases the effectiveness of high-sensitivity monitoring applications such as alarms and communication channels. It also allows employees to enjoy using their own personal listening devices at their workstation while performing their job.

Command center operators are equipped with workstations and monitors to execute their role effectively – Audio Spotlight enables these workers to also have their own private sound beam.

Command and Control Centers are utilized across a wide range of industries and organizations such as:

·      Security Command Centers
·      Industrial Refineries and Processing Plants
·      Public Transportation
·      Sports and Entertainment Venues
·      Hotels and Convention Centers
·      Network Operations Centers
·      Military facilities
·      Emergency services

Holosonics works with companies that manufacture the consoles, communications equipment, and electronics that are used to construct command centers, control rooms, and operations centers. These facilities serve as a centralized space to monitor and direct a wide range of information in a timely and coordinated way. 

We also partner with integration companies that work in concert with these manufacturers to install command centers at an end-user client’s facility. Control room integrators develop solutions for a wide range of facilities that include industrial refineries, processing plants, hotels and convention centers, sports and entertainment venues, and emergency service sites.

Whether your company is a manufacturer of control room consoles and equipment, an installation provider in this space, or you have a command center in one or more of your locations, contact us today to learn how Audio Spotlight technology can enhance your project with the most innovative and cutting-edge directional audio system available.

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  • Multiple directional sound beams in one space without disturbing/interfering with others

  • Eliminate sound bleed and jumbled noise in open command center layouts

  • Simple installation and a clean and professional appearance

  • Focused, headphones-free sound for each specific recipient


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