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October 23, 2018

Audio Spotlight Directional Speakers Describe the Legacy of Immigrants at Seattle's Nordic Museum


Virtually invisible ceiling-mounted AS-24i speakers deliver compelling narratives for visitors at the Nordic Museum

Visitors to the Nordic Museum in Seattle enjoy a multi-sensory experience, courtesy of several video displays and Audio Spotlight directional speakers, each providing highly focused beams of sound that describe many of the museum's exhibits. Audio Spotlight integrator AVI-SPL implemented the sound system at the museum to deliver directional audio from ceiling-mounted speakers that play narratives of displays throughout the museum's Nordic Journeys exhibit.

The Nordic Journeys exhibit is designed to reveal a broader understanding of Nordic life and culture as it's evolved over thousands of years. Including audio to deliver the compelling stories of important cultural pioneers was essential.

The museum curator was faced with the challenge of projecting audio for several displays that are located in close proximity to each other.

"There were a number of unique requirements that each exhibit's audio system needed to accommodate in order to provide an individualistic listening experience for each visitor while also maintaining the museum's unencumbered open design aesthetic," said AVI-SPL Project Manager Eric Robinson. "The Audio Spotlight speaker's highly focused directional sound pattern was a natural choice for us to be able to accomplish both."

Audio Spotlight technology provided a perfect fit to tell the stories in the Nordic Journeys exhibit without creating sound bleed from one display to the next. Among the eight displays in the exhibit are videos entitled Venturing NorthOn a New Frontier, and Creating the Nordic Way.

Nordic Museum patrons hear the story delivered from Audio Spotlight directional speakers overhead

The Audio Spotlight speaker’s highly focused directional sound pattern was a natural choice for us.
— Eric Robinson, AVI-SPL Project Manager

Individual AS-24i speakers at each station produce narrow beams of sound to accompany video that depicts the values, traditions, and art of the Nordic peoples. The Nordic Museum is the largest museum in the United States dedicated to the legacy of immigrants from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

For its use in museum exhibits like the Nordic Journeys or other similar settings and applications, the flexible and self-powered Audio Spotlight directional speaker is a powerful tool, ensuring that any exhibit has its own isolated audio, captivating visitors with an immersive, personal experience, while keeping the surrounding area quiet.

Contact us today to learn more about how our directional sound technology can benefit your projects in the same way it has enhanced the experience for patrons in museums and libraries as well as in a wide variety of other settings that include retail stores, airports, hospitals, and many other locations throughout the world.



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