Holosonics’ Audio Spotlight Adds Sound and Preserves the Quiet™ for the

Indianapolis Public Library

The centerpiece of the new Center for Black Literature & Culture at the Indianapolis Public Library (IPL) is an impressive multi-sensory, tunnel-shaped walk-through exhibit, right in the middle of the West Reading Room, aptly dubbed "The Epicenter". The library curator turned to Audio Spotlight integrator The Exhibit House to devise an audio solution that would not disturb patrons in other areas.

The Walk-Through Exhibit at the IPL's new Center for Black Literature & Culture

The Walk-Through Exhibit at the IPL's new Center for Black Literature & Culture


To fulfill this need, six Audio Spotlight speakers were installed to produce narrow beams of sound, similar to beams of light from a flashlight, that ensured the audio was contained to the exhibit's walk-through area, while none of the surrounding space was disturbed. Featuring a thin design with a built-in amplifier, and small overall package, the AS-168i Audio Spotlight was a perfect fit for integration at the IPL exhibit.


Audio Spotlight AS-16i


The Epicenter is the focal point of the Center for Black Literature & Culture at the IPL

The Epicenter is the focal point of the Center for Black Literature & Culture at the IPL

The speakers play biographical narratives from key black historic figures, fed from touchscreen videos along the corridor, and the exhibit also includes books promoting these figures. The exhibit's corridor shape promotes a journey through history, punctuated by interactive visual elements as well as the audio narratives, without disturbing the surrounding area.

"The AS-168i proved to be the most discreet and flexible directional speaker available,” said Erik Hardebeck, Project Manager at The Exhibit House. “The Audio Spotlight products provide our company a great value, allowing us to add an audio component to displays that are typically visual-only designs." 

Many of the world's leading libraries have adopted Audio Spotlight technology to provide audio narratives to patrons in a sound-sensitive environment without the encumbrance or unsafe tether of headphones. For use in libraries - or any other similar settings - the Audio Spotlight directional speaker is effectively a singular full-featured device requiring no external equipment or wiring, ensuring that any exhibit has its own isolated audio, while the surrounding area is kept peacefully quiet.

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  • Sound for specific displays - and quiet elsewhere.

  • Several soundtracks in one room - without disturbing others or interfering with one another.

  • Untethered sound delivery, without the need for messy headphone wires or unsanitary handsets.


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