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June 13, 2018

Audio Spotlight Directional Sound Technology is at the Heart of the Inspiring "Wall of Honor" Exhibit and Museum


An Audio Spotlight speaker on the ceiling plays storylines at the exhibit created by Holosonics integrator Star Exhibits

Providing audio narratives in a very unique display setting, Audio Spotlight directional sound technology is at the heart of an inspiring exhibit in Minnesota called the Wall of Honor and MuseumRed Wing Shoe company approached Audio Spotlight integrator Star Exhibits to create the museum as a way to tell the remarkable stories customers had about the work boots they wear everyday. Star Exhibits utilized Holosonics' directional speakers to broadcast the personal stories behind the boots on display in the shoe maker's flagship store in Red Wing, MN.

Five Audio Spotlight speakers installed throughout the exhibits - four AS-16i speakers and one AS-24i - produce narrow beams of sound, similar to the beam of light from a flashlight, ensuring that each of the audio narratives is contained to its own specific display. 

Featuring a thin design with a built-in amplifier, and comprised of a small overall package, the Audio Spotlight speakers were conveniently installed at the ceiling, providing a seamless integration at the Wall of Honor and Museum. The exhibit manager was particularly pleased with how easy it was to have the speakers installed and how unobtrusively they fit into the space.

Our clients at Red Wing were very happy with the overall function
and directivity of the speakers.
— Greg Stanek, Design Developer at Star Exhibits

The stories behind the displays are varied, including one lineman's tale of how his boot saved his foot from potential amputation after an accident involving a six-ton wire reel. Another display depicts how a single pair of Red Wing boots carried a worker through 27 years as a North American logger.


Guided by shoe prints on the floor, a man views the Red Wing Shoe's Wall of Honor

And one of the most compelling displays focuses on a pair of boots that were worn by a rescuer at Ground Zero in New York City in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. The construction worker's boots were credited with saving the man from being electrocuted when he inadvertently stepped on a live wire while assisting a fellow rescuer who was overcome by smoke inhalation.

These are just a few examples of the Wall of Honor's many stories that are conveyed through a compelling combination of visual displays and directional sound technology.

"For exhibit sound, Audio Spotlight is an innovative and powerful tool. Our clients at Red Wing were very happy with the overall function and directivity of the speakers," said Greg Stanek, Design Developer at Star Exhibits.

In exhibits like this one or other similar settings, Audio Spotlight is effectively a singular full-featured device requiring no external equipment or wiring, that ensures any exhibit has isolated audio, while the surrounding area is kept peacefully quiet.

Photos provided by Jim Larkin Photography, courtesy of Star Exhibits.



The Audio Spotlight is a revolutionary audio technology that creates sound in a narrow beam, just like light. Aim the flat, thin speaker panel to your desired listening area, and provide all of the sound and none of the noise.™ From museums, exhibits, and digital signage to retail stores and special projects, hundreds of companies have chosen this patented technology to provide high-quality, precisely controlled sound, while preserving the quiet. Holosonics is a proud partner in enhancing the experience for patrons who visit the Wall of Honor and Museum.