Digital Signage


From office lobbies to retail stores, and product showrooms to waiting rooms, digital signage is increasingly prevalent and undeniably effective at informing the public. Audio Spotlight technology allows you to add sound, exclusively within the viewing zone, to further captivate your target, and strengthen your message.

Leading convenience store chain 7-Eleven installed Audio Spotlight systems into many of their locations throughout the southern United States, to add sonic accompaniment to a brand new digital signage campaign. The video screens streamed a variety of weather, news, and promotional content, while the Audio Spotlights ensured the messages were delivered to those customers at the nearby beverage stations, without bothering those in adjacent areas.

Western Union's landmark location in Times Square is not just a typical money transfer center; it also serves as a promotional and informational center for the company. Their ability to provide two completely different experiences in one large open space is enabled by the use of Audio Spotlight technology.

A large video wall, controlled by an interactive touch screen kiosk, displays information about the company's various philanthropic activities. Sound is provided by an Audio Spotlight speaker, delivering the content only to the intended listeners, while enabling the customers and staff to do business in a quiet, professional atmosphere just a few feet away.