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A serene, quiet gallery lends an air of sophistication and comfort, allowing your guests to more fully experience and enjoy their visit. Chatter from loudspeakers can distract and disturb your guests, threatening the peaceful environment you strive to provide.

Audio Spotlight systems are used by the world’s top museums to provide localized sound for those who wish to hear sound, while maintaining quiet elsewhere. Planetario Combarranquilla in Colombia added several Audio Spotlight systems to provide a pair of local, discrete zones of sound, each corresponding to nearby educational cinematics within their state of the art solar system exhibit. Those elsewhere in the very same room, background noise was but a whisper.

For their Fashion Show: Paris Collections installation, the separate music for each of eight areas, all within the same room. Each fashion designer had their own music, localized to rest of the museum. A visiting artist used Audio Spotlight systems to deliver clear and present sound to accompany each of four discrete video experiences at Amherst College’s Eli Marsh Gallery. Audible bleed between feeds, or away from each bench, was virtually non-existent.