In-store Advertising

  • Target specific display areas or audiences with sound

  • Avoid filling entire store with unpleasant noise

  • Simple installation with a clean, attractive look

  • Low cost, large potential return on investment

Shoppers value a peaceful, pleasant environment, and do not want to be bombarded with noise or continuous, unrelenting advertising. At the same time, advertisers want to be sure their messages are both heard and listened to. Blasting customers with repeating streams of audio advertising from loudspeakers is a sure way to reduce their attention to the advertisement, as well as diminish their shopping pleasure. This leads to less time spent in the store, fewer purchases, and an unfavorable impression of the store itself.

With Audio Spotlight technology, sound is delivered in a tight, well-controlled beam with the same degree of control as a visual spotlight. This beam of sound can be directed to a specfic area within the store, such as in front of a display, to provide sound for only the intended audience, while preserving quiet for all others.

This ensures that not only is the information heard clearly, but that it does not bother other shoppers, or even the clerks themselves. In some instances, employees forced to listen to repeating advertisements even resorted to damaging or disabling the equipment. With Audio Spotlight technology, sound is delivered only to the intended listener, and bothers no one else.