Trade Shows & Events

  • Add sound without violating noise restrictions

  • Eliminate messy, unsanitary headphones

  • Use sound as a beacon to attract visitors

  • Discretely “illuminate” products with sound

Trade shows provide companies with excellent opportunities to promote their products and services while expanding their brand presence. These events are often lled with noise and distractions from exhibitors, all of whom are competing for attention from those visiting. In such a competitive environment, it becomes increasingly dicult to attract customers to your booth, and there is always a temptation to simply overpower neighboring booths with higher levels of noise.

The Audio Spotlight system is on the leading edge of creative marketing and advertising, and provides an innovative way to cut through the distraction and attract attendees to your booth. Project sound out to the aisles like an audio beacon to deliver a targeted message to passersby. Highlight multiple products or provide multiple presentations within one area, without interfering with one another, or areas where important communication is occurring.

Trade show regulations often limit exhibitors to a certain sound level in order to maintain order in a hectic environment. With the Audio Spotlight system, you can provide sound throughout your area without disturbing your neighbors, or violating noise restrictions!