• Provide private listening for every patient

  • Eliminate messy, dangerous headphones

  • Spare the staff from being subjected to noise

  • Maintain peace and serenity throughout the facility

Audio Spotlight technology creates a tight, narrow beam of sound – akin to a laser – sending sound only to the location desired, and nowhere else.

Both Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Winchester Hospital added new treatment clinics to their facilities, each with private atscreen TV’s and Audio Spotlight systems at every bed. Using the unprecedented directivity of the Audio Spotlight directional speaker technology, patients are able to watch the programs they prefer, privately, without bothering any of the other patients, doctors, or nursing sta. Even clusters of transfusion stations around open oor nursing environments were able to have discrete sound – or silence – at every seat, mere steps away from one another.

Eliminating both noise pollution and the need for headphones while simultaneously increasing the comfort of their patients, the Audio Spotlight systems have been praised by patients and sta alike, and both hospitals plan on continuing to use them as they expand their facilities.