press release

December 13, 2017

Holosonics' Audio Spotlight is the Preferred Choice of the SCN's Top 50 Systems Integrators

Ad Week 2017:  TechX attendees experience Audio Spotlight technology at the Holosonics booth

Holosonics is proud to have provided our Audio Spotlight Directional Speakers to many of the industry's leading audio/visual integrators in 2017. AvNetwork's Systems Contractor News (SCN) recently released its annual list of the Top 50 Systems Integrators, and Audio Spotlight is the preferred choice of many integrators that were included in SCN's Top 50 picks. The Holosonics team congratulates all the integrators who were named to the SCN's Top 50 list, and we also extend our thanks to all of you for helping us achieve a record year in sales in 2017 - we couldn't have done it without you! 


Audio Spotlight speakers deliver sound to tight, narrow areas, just like spotlights - hence the name of our speakers. This spotlight effect results in sound levels dropping by over 90%, even just a single step outside the narrow beam of coverage. This makes Audio Spotlight the perfect tool for a variety of applications, from museums, galleries, showrooms, and other exhibits, to kiosks, digital signage, retail displays, and creative OOH advertising - just to name a few.


"We are very excited that so many of our integrator partners have been named to SCN's 2017 list of Top 50 Systems Integrators, and we look forward to providing them with our Audio Spotlight systems in the years ahead."

-Cristofer Osden, Technical Sales Manager, Holosonics


Audio Spotlight engages a visitor at the Morrison Hotel Gallery's "Face the Music" exhibit in New York City


We would be thrilled to see our Audio Spotlight products used in any of your upcoming projects where sound field control could be particularly helpful. We have assisted in many industries over the years, including museums, digital signage, trade shows and special events, outdoor advertising, retail displays, libraries, hospitals, and so much more. LEARN MORE



The Audio Spotlight system creates focused beams of sound by using a narrow beam of ultrasound as a "virtual" sound source. While ultrasound itself is outside the range of human hearing, this innovative technique causes the air itself to change the ultrasound's "shape" as it travels. This change leads to the creation of clear sound that can be directed to a precise location, with directivity and control far exceeding any traditional loudspeaker.