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August 01, 2016

Audio Spotlight Beams the Sounds of Star Wars to the Streets of Hong Kong


Holosonics' Audio Spotlight directional speakers were used to beam messages from R2-D2 and other popular Star Wars characters to the ears of pedestrians on a busy city street in Hong Kong. The ads were created to promote Hong Kong Disneyland's new "Star Wars: Tomorrowland Takeover" attraction."

This summer, Holosonics partnered with international outdoor advertising specialists, JC Decaux Cityscape, to create a series of interactive digital ads at bus shelters to promote the latest Disneyland Hong Kong attraction, "Star Wars: Tomorrowland Takeover."

There were a total of four independent screens showing simulated holographic images of popular Star Wars characters. When passers by stopped and stood on a designated spot, they could hear secret messages from each of the Star Wars icons, enticing them to come join the action by becoming a brave pilot, hero of the Resistance, or Jedi Knight at Disneyland.

Sound advertising is typically not permitted in public spaces since it interferes with the environment, so Audio Spotlight directional speakers were the perfect solution to make this concept work. Each screen had its own Audio Spotlight mounted above, sending that character's sound to a specific point, such that none of the beams interfered with each other, or the surrounding environment. People were able to stand steps away from each other and hear completely different character messages with no sound pollution to the surrounding area.


The opportunity to join the Star Wars team was an "out of this world" experience for Holosonics.

Audio Spotlight speakers "add sound, and preserve the quiet." The ability to add sound to the otherwise muted digital signage added dimension and interest. The film's characters came to life, and literally spoke to their audience, capturing peoples' attention, extending engagement, and enhancing the message.

Audio Spotlight in Advertising

The Audio Spotlight system creates focused beams of sound by using a narrow beam of ultrasound as a "virtual" sound source. This directional audio technology has been used in the past to reach visitors at amusement parks, museums, trade shows, and many retail environments. In the Out Of Home Advertising industry, Audio Spotlight speakers have been used in conjunction with outdoor billboards, public activations and guerilla HD projection campaigns, even winning an Obie award! The "Star Wars: Tomorrowland Takeover" interactive ads engaged the crowd and drove traffic to the Disneyland attraction. Holosonics was a proud partner in this inventive and fun installment.

About Holosonic Research Labs, Inc.

Holosonic Research Labs, Inc., a pioneer in directional acoustics, develops and manufactures the Audio Spotlight® directional sound system. Founded in 1999 by MIT graduate Dr. F. Joseph Pompei, Holosonics’ Audio Spotlight technology is used in a wide variety of applications including museums, libraries, offices, reception areas, retail displays, trade shows and retail kiosks. The world’s top organizations and companies use the Audio Spotlight directional sound system to beam sound to their listeners... and preserve the quiet.™ 

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