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march 27, 2014

Audio Spotlight Directional Speaker Featured in Quiet Treehouse Exhibit at Ideal Home Show 2014


London event’s popular Quiet Treehouse exhibit uses Holosonics’ revolutionary directional speaker to provide private television listening.

In an effort to promote healthy aural environments and help raise awareness of the importance of acoustic considerations in architectural design, Quiet Mark is featuring Holosonics’ Audio Spotlight ultra-directional speaker at London’s Ideal Home Show 2014.

Quiet Mark is the international mark of approval from the UK’s Noise Abatement Society, endorsed by the Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs, encouraging the design of quieter high performance technology and solutions to reduce unwanted noise in our environment.

In very close alignment to Holosonics’ own mission statement — to provide speakers that allow customers to “add sound... and preserve the quiet™” — their cooperation was a natural fit. Exhibit designers used the Audio Spotlight to beam private audio to a couch in the treehouse home of showcased products, without creating noise heard by others mere steps away. Designed to be a quiet haven within the otherwise noisy trade show, attendees were able to enter the tree-perched clubhouse, sit, relax, and listen to private programming while others around the space remained unaware - even inside, just a meter or so away.

Audio Spotlight speakers produce quality sound, but also offer unparalleled sound field control using completely different technology than any other loudspeaker. The result is a narrow sound beam, similar to the beam of light from a flashlight. Sound within the beam is clear and present to the listener, literally surrounding their head. Audio levels just a single step outside the beam drop by an astonishing 90% or more. Managing Director of Quiet Mark, Poppy Elliott, states “We were very excited to discover Holosonics has produced a speaker designed with maintaining environmental tranquility as its primary goal.” While Quiet Mark has endorsed a variety of impressively quiet retail appliances, none were specifically sound-producing by nature, which is a challenge Holosonics has persevered.

Audio Spotlight inventor and founder of Holosonics, Dr. F. Joseph Pompei, explains, “Any sound that misses your intended audience is really just noise, and the large sound fields produced by traditional loudspeakers create plenty of it; this intrudes on the quiet we all value.” Pompei continues, “With our unique Audio Spotlight technology, we can provide sound to those who want it, and preserve quiet for those that don’t. Even when they’re sitting right next to each other.”

Holosonics’ directional speaker system is featured alongside a variety of other quietly performing products by the likes of Bose, Philips, Dyson, and Lexus among many others. The Ideal Home Show runs through March 30th at London’s Earls Court Exhibition Centre.

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Holosonic Research Labs, Inc., a pioneer in directional acoustics, develops and manufactures the Audio Spotlight® directional sound system. Founded in 1999 by MIT graduate Dr. F. Joseph Pompei, Holosonics’ Audio Spotlight technology is used in a wide variety of applications including museums, libraries, offices, reception areas, retail displays, trade shows and retail kiosks. The world’s top organizations and companies use the Audio Spotlight directional sound system to beam sound to their listeners... and preserve the quiet.™ 

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