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august 31, 2011

Diaego Promotes New Johnnie Walker Double Black in Style at Miami International Airport


Design team Nexus+Digiprint utilize Audio Spotlight systems in unique multimedia advertising experience

Miami International Airport's Concourse D recently came alive when a new interactive advertising display flew into town. Designed & executed by Nexus+Digiprint, the installation drew people into the display's octagonal showroom with vertical plasma screens highlighting the famous Johnnie Walker brand, and their newest whiskey blend, Double Black.

But perhaps what people weren't suspecting were the corresponding dedicated audio tracks at each screen location. Spaced only a few feet away from one another, each screen was still a unique interactive experience of its own, thanks to the Audio Spotlight system's ability to provide a narrow beam of sound at each location. Featuring a beam only 4 ft wide and 90% drop in level just one step away, the Audio Spotlight panels are the only speakers directional enough to have accommodated the narrow multi-zone layout.

Activated directly by the user, the exhibit's video and audio footage begin as they make their way through, informing them of the new Double Black blend and its key characteristics. People step into the display, walk through the video/sound stations, and are then invited to try a sample tasting on location; an initiative that truly targets stimulation of all five senses.

Johnnie Walker Double Black is currently only available in Duty Free stores at select airports, and this is the largest activation worldwide for their current campaign. Originally installed in June, the exhibit will remain active through September 2011.

Photo (right) and information courtesy of Nexus+Digiprint.


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