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february 25, 2014

Nivea Showers Shoppers With Sound Using Audio Spotlight Directional Speakers By Holosonics


Nivea embarks on tour of shopping malls promoting their new line of shower-safe moisturizing products; interactive showers of sound created by Audio Spotlight directional speaker systems provide discrete, informative advertising in mall concourses.

South African experiential marketing experts Hotstuff Marketing, in cooperation with local AV integrator Silent Sound, developed a literal “sound shower” advertising campaign for Nivea using the ultra-directional Audio Spotlight System. Unlike other speakers, the Audio Spotlight provides a narrow sound beam, similar to the light beam from a spotlight. Listeners within their beam can hear the transmission loud and clear, while a single step away sound levels drop by over 90%. The unique devices allow audio to be added to environments where it would otherwise not be allowed, due to significant and disruptive bleed caused by traditional loudspeaker technology.

Creating two adjacent displays that otherwise looked like a pair of typical open bathroom showers, Rob Stolle of Silent Sound replaced each shower head with an Audio Spotlight speaker, beckoning shoppers to visit the display to learn more about the benefits of Nivea’s health and beauty products. Only when consumers stepped into the sound showers were they able to hear the informative promotional advertisements.

Stolle states, “We have used the Audio Spotlight technology in many successful campaigns. The interactive sonic element really draws people in, and we are able to both captivate and inform them once they are listening.” He continues, “Customers that do not wish to partake in our activation are not sonically bothered at all, and those that do are able to enjoy a uniquely personal marketing experience.”

Restrictions imposed by most mall property management companies usually prevent audio elements from being included in advertisements or displays around common areas such as halls and concourses. The facility owners prefer not to bombard shoppers with unwanted messages, or disrupt the employees and patrons of nearby shops. Using Holosonics’ Audio Spotlight directional speakers, sound can now be added while continuing to maintain such courtesies.

Not only has their installation been a welcome treat and strong success at its pilot location in Brackenfell, Cape Town, Hotstuff Marketing’s campaign for Nivea will be touring a number of additional malls throughout cities around the country, continuing to spread the buzz behind their products.

Photo courtesy of Silent Sound

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