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May 20, 2011

TNT Revs Their Marketing Engines for NASCAR Summer Series Using Audio Spotlight Systems


Audio Spotlight technology makes Charlotte EpiCentre come alive with the sounds of NASCAR and AC/DC

TNT's latest creative marketing initiative fires on every cylinder to provide directional audio advertising in the Charlotte EpiCentre. Multiple Audio Spotlight systems were used to draw peoples' attention to the "NASCAR Summer Series on TNT" banners and signage that hung throughout the courtyard.

Blue Blast Media, veterans of targeted sound advertising, developed the ad soundtrack which cleverly combines the roaring, high speed sounds of NASCAR racetracks and lively pit crew chatter with rock band AC/DC's legendary song "T.N.T." – for obvious reasons. No strangers to the abilities of the Audio Spotlight system, Blue Blast used the speakers to beam their message straight towards the 26-foot TNT logo on the stone courtyard ground, easily audible by passersby in the area, without disturbing the surrounding shops & eateries.

Tuner Sports senior vice president of Strategy/Marketing/Programmming states, "This fully integrated campaign allows us to reach NASCAR fans on all touch points through unique, eye-catching, high-impact marketing." She continues, "This is the first time NASCAR has ever done something like this with its partners and we are excited to be able to lead the way with our brand activation."

The highly directional Audio Spotlight systems allowed TNT to uniquely and publicly captivate and expand their TV sports programming audiences with ear-catching audio, all without disrupting the community of the Charlotte entertainment hub.

Photo and information courtesy of Sign Innovations & Blue Blast Media.

Source: Seidman, R., Network TV Press Releases, TNT Revs Up for NASCAR Summer Series (2011)

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