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december 11, 2013

UK's Channel 4 Gadget Man Series 2 Features Audio Spotlight Directional Speaker Systems


Audio Spotlight one of several forward-thinking technologies highlighted on recent Gadget Man episode, selected for its unparalleled ability to produce a narrow beam of sound for private listening.

On Gadget Man, host Richard Ayoade, best known for his comedic role as resident computer geek Maurice Moss in Channel 4’s popular sitcom, The IT Crowd, brings viewers through a themed adventure of inspiring technologies the average viewer probably doesn’t even realize exist.

The Audio Spotlight directional speaker technology fit seamlessly with the producer’s aesthetic for the show, which is rooted in hi-tech gadgetry that is focused on technologies “people can buy today that will change the way they live their lives tomorrow,” according to the show’s mission statement.

In Episode 4, “Summer Holiday,” Ayoade takes this quest quite literally, as he brings viewers along on a destination vacation themed jaunt to Southend-on-sea’s Westcliff Beach in Southeast England. Not precisely known for an idyllic landscape or particularly relaxing environment, Ayoade and crew set forth to transform the mediocre Southend beach into a lush and peaceful getaway, full of all the comforts of any tropical coastline destination.

In an attempt to bring relaxation to his own small patch of sand, Ayoade laid back in his reclining beach chair, under a giant 40,000W artificial sun, and enjoyed his favorite music privately, via the Audio Spotlight directional speakers.

Designed primarily with the preservation of quiet in mind, these thin, flat speaker panels uniquely allow one to send a narrow beam of sound to tight coverage areas, much like the beam of light from a flashlight or spotlight. Only a single step outside the beam, sound levels drop by over 90 percent, and quickly become virtually inaudible as one moves further away. Meanwhile, anywhere along the path inside the beam, clear, audible sound seems to surround the heads of the listeners, almost as if they were all wearing headphones.

The pair of AS-24 Audio Spotlight panels allowed Richard and his guests to enjoy party music well into the evening, dancing the night away, all without disrupting nearby residents or other beach-goers. The Audio Spotlight speakers from Holosonics are commercially available, and range in price from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars, depending on model, configuration, and quantity.

Gadget Man series 2 episode 4 originally aired September 23rd on Channel 4, and there is a rebroadcast of “Summer Holiday” scheduled for Friday, December 13th.

Photo courtesy of Channel 4 (UK)

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